Just a quick update

Just thought I’d update that I’ve been experiencing a little spotting through the last week or so. ¬†Nothing major. ¬†On a positive note, my skin is a lot clearer than it was a couple of weeks ago…hope this sticks around!!



I was beginning to get a little smug that I would be one of the rare (and lucky) ladies who do not have periods while using nexplanon…well I can say that I have had my first bleed and it was soooo light! It only lasted three days too, compared to four or five when I was using the pill (femodene ED). I used to suffer with very heavy, painful periods, where my mood swings would be unbearable for my family to cope with. So far I have had no peculiar moods or cravings.

A little catchup

So I have been feeling a bit rubbish this week. I’ve had what felt like flu and spent the whole of the weekend in bed! I’m fairly certain this has nothing to do with the implant, and so far there have been no weird side effects of the hormones! Hooray! The bruising on my arm has completely disappeared now too.

I’ll post again soon x