What is Nexplanon?

Nexplanon is a contraceptive implant.  It is a thin, flexible tube implanted just under the skin of the upper arm.  It slowly releases a hormones (progestogen only) into the body. The implant lasts for up to 3 years, offering 99.9% effective protection against pregnancy.  The contraceptive is fully reversible, as when you have it taken out, fertility returns immediately.

How is it inserted?

When I had my implant inserted, I had to have a special doctor at my surgery (with practice in inserting and removing) to fit it.  The first stage was to numb the upper arm – your non dominant arm is used – this was in fact the worst part of the procedure!  It’s just a quick injection of numbing agent, similar to the stuff used when you have teeth taken out.  Pretty easy so far!  The next stage was to have the implant inserted.  A nurse was in the room at the time, so I was able to talk to and look at her, rather than watch the doctor put the implant in.  I won’t lie, the applicator looks pretty scary, as it’s a large-ish plastic pen like thing.  As my arm was numb, I didn’t feel any pain when the doctor inserted the implant, just a slight pressure on my arm.  All that was left was to pop a plaster on the site, then wrap the area with a bandage to prevent too much bruising.  Before I went on my merry way, I was given a card to remind me to book an appointment for 3 years’ time to have the implant either removed or replaced.  I was also given the information sheet from the manufacturers, which had lots more information about side effects etc.  Then I went home! 🙂

Coming next, my experience so far…


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